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Justice For Hawaiians

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Photo from Ian Lind at http://www.ilind.net

Aloha kakou!

Welcome to the Community For and About Hawaiians. If you are looking for www.JusticeForHawaiians.net please click here: http://www.JusticeForHawaiians.net

You do NOT have to be Hawaiian to join! All you need is an interest in Hawai'ians and/or their culture.

This community is about Hawai'ians, descendants of Wakea and Papa, and about the opinions of Hawaiians. While other communities and websites focus on the marketing version of Hawai'i trying to sell Hawai'i and/or her beauty, this community focuses on the beauty of Hawai'i. That is, its indigenous people, the Hawaiians.


1. Anything relating to Hawai'ians is welcome here: Pictures relating to Hawai'ians are welcome. Comments, opinions, and/or posts relating to Hawai'ians are welcome. Information about Hawai'ian events, sales, etc are also welcome.

2. If you are advertising another community, only Hawai'ian-related communities are allowed to be posted here. All others will be quickly deleted.

3. You may only post about your community once. (Everyone despises spam.)

4. If you don't like Hawai'ians then please don't join.

5. Do not harass other members.

Some of the topics that we cover here are:

- personal opinions of members
- Hawaiian language
- Hawaiians and how they relate and are related to Hawai'i
- Hawaiian history
- hula
- news from the Hawaiian Islands
- pictures of Hawai'i
- and much more.

If you want to know something about Hawai'ians or about Hawai'i and were too afraid to ask... feel free to ask anything here and someone here will try to help you. Also if you are Hawaiian feel free to voice your opinion here: This is the place to voice your opinion as it relates to Hawaiian issues.

To introduce yourself to the community, please fill out then post this quick survey in this community:

Interests, Please:

Feel free to check out our memories here.

Join our sister communities abouthawaii, the Community About Hawai'i, and hawaiilokahi, the Community for Peace and Harmony in Hawai'i.

Created and maintained by haolegirl who is oiwi (or "Hawaiian" in English.)

Mahalo for joining!

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