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May 6 at 10:30 p.m.

NA KAMALEI: The Men of Hula (60 minutes)
by Lisette Marie Flanary
Following legendary teacher Robert Cazimero and the only all-male hula school in Hawaii, NA KAMALEI: The Men of Hula goes beyond deep-rooted stereotypes of "grass skirt girls" and reveals a story of Hawaiian pride through the exploration of male roles in the hula tradition—past and present.

I apologize for those who may be reading this multiple times, as I am posting it to all the Hawai'i related communities to which I belong.
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Book of Pythia

The Portuguese in The Land of Aloha

Hey gang-

I have a question, i will be going to Hawai'i in January and was wondering-on what island are the portuguese primarily on? Do they have restaurants? Bakeries (which i am familiar with the bakery on oahu-

I have been to Hawai'i before and i was very curious in find the portuguese communities-being Portuguese living in NV-i can't seem to find one-so i was itching to find a restaurant or bakery on Hawai'i-

So where are the portuguese at? Oahu? Maui? please help-

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My sister's response

She and my mother are both responding to this column by George Will. I will, but it may be a longer piece meant for a different forum. We all do what we can to Ku'e when misunderstanding, injustice or ignorance arise. I hope her letter gets printed, but either way I want to share it:

"Making a mockery of a nation
A response to George Will’s Friday article

 As a woman born here in Springfield with Native Hawaiian roots, this article proved how little seems to be known about the history of Hawaii and the overthrow of a great nation. I was shocked at the ignorance portrayed by George Will. While I am sure the facts given were accurate, they were given with no remembrance to the history or times. Yes, Hawaiians did vote for statehood in 1959.   This was after a long annexation and a territorial bond had been formed between Hawaii and the United States.  Having the right to vote for the people who make the laws that govern your lives always seems to be the better choice. This does not mean that natives had not been robbed of their lands, natural resources or identity. The overthrow of the Royal Hawaiian government was considered peaceful, but how peaceful is it really when U.S. ships with loaded canons aimed at the city of Honolulu fill a harbor? How peaceful is it when a queen is imprisoned for wanting to take control of HER country? This overthrow may have been peaceful, but only because of the care a great queen had for the lives of her people.  She refused to let their blood be shed.  Does this mean that natives today should not try to right the wrongs that had been done to their ancestors? I don’t think so.   I take pride in the steps the native people of Hawaii have made to restore the honor of a great nation. Sadly yet understandably, many Americans do not know the history of the Hawaiian people beyond grass skirts, shaking hips and surfing but trust me there is much more to know. We are a people with a history that has been written by conquerors.  Now we try to remind you of the native’s story. I suggest a historical fiction I recently read, “Shark Dialogue’s” by Kiana Davenport; it gives a beautiful view of a multicultural Hawaiian family while showing a very different side of a traditionally one-sided history. There is much more I found laughably ignorant in this article, but I will not try to inform you anymore about the history of a people so greatly misunderstood here. Rather I urge you to take the time to uncover the true Hawaii behind all the glamor of Waikiki and awe of erupting volcanoes. 

Kathryn Ku'ulei "


A couple of websites

Free Hawaiian Lessons Online Open to All Courtesy of the Kamehameha Schools:


Hawaiian music radio station which has streaming audio online:


They also have a Hawaiian language show from seven a.m. til nine a.m. Hawaii Standard Time which is about one p.m. til three p.m. Eastern Standard Time

* There are others but this one has continuous Hawaiian music that is not mixed with English music :-)

Hula: Sacred

Isn't it ironic?

Heather Mills' new house sparks Slovenian fury

An excerpt:

"Mayor Franc Kramar said: "I'm against the sale of cultural and national heritage to foreigners.

"I can't understand that the government has allowed foreigners to buy property inside the national park of Bohinj. Such a property should stay in Slovenian hands."

He and many other locals are angry that the sale to the former Beatle's ex-wife went ahead at all and want it scrapped.

Local man Miro Bokan, 25, said: "We will get no peace. Everyone is against it. People used to come here to enjoy the unspoilt countryside but now it will all be different."

From http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/worldnews.html?in_article_id=470816&in_page_id=1811
Ku'e 1: License plate

Perpetrator to be sentenced: Email from Edward Halealoha Ayau

Reposted courtesy of Alohalani

Aloha no kakou,

On Monday June 4, 2007 T 11:30am, Defendant Daniel Taylor is scheduled to be sentenced in federal district court by Magistrate Kobayashi for his part in the illegal trafficking of moepu (funerary possesions) that he and John Carta looted from a Hawaiian burial cave on the island of Hawaii.

Carta plead guilty already and received a year in federal prison. He died from a heart attack two weeks before he was to serve his time. At the urging of Hui Malama, Defendant Taylor was
indicated last week by a state grand jury for theft of these moepu. This crime carries a maximum of 10 years and a $25,000 fine and it would be served in state prison. Taylor could also face state civil charges for disturbing a Hawaiian burial site
over 50 years old.

I am writing to request that Hawaiians aand other supporters show up to the hearing and join Hui Malama in airing our disgust for Taylor and what he did and urge Magistrate Kobayahi to
give Taylor the maximum penalty allowed under federal law.

Please forward this email to your contacts. We just learned today that the hearing is confirmed for Monday after being continued on earlier occassions.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me at
halealoha@wave.hicv.net. Mahalo Keoni for letting me send this out on your computer.

Ola na iwi,
Edward Halealoha Ayau
Executive Director
Hui Malama I Na Kupuna O Hawaii Nei


Please show your support

Why do I miss all of the CD releases but for those who can make it here is the latest from one of my former high school classmates at the Kamehameha Schools, Sean Tiwanak KS '85. He is releasing his new CD and Roland Cazimero will be there.

I wish I could go!

Please show your support for him because during high school he was cool to me and I was super poor. That is how you can tell someone's true colors is how they treat you when you have nothing. He is a very cool person and a talented musician so please show up at his release party.

Roland Cazimero is also a Kamehameha Schools graduate and I LOVE their music. I grew up on it. I also think it is super cool that he is supporting Sean Tiwanak because after all when we graduate from the Kamehameha Schools we take a vow to help other Hawaiians. It's obvious that Roland Cazimero is helping another Hawaiian which I think is super cool.

Anyway info is below. Please show your support for them. Thanks.


Sean Tiwanak w/Roland Cazimero & Friends at O Lounge April 12th


Just wanted to invite you to my CD Release Party and Live Music Showcase at The O Lounge on April 12th. I'm happy to annouce that Roland Cazimero will be joining me and my band onstage to share some of his music. Looking forward to an evening of fun and entertainent.

It's finally here. Please feel free to forward this invitation to the people you know.

Hope to see you at the O!

With Aloha,
Sean "

Event Details:

What: CD Release Party & Live Music Showcase
Who: Sean Tiwanak - Celebrating release of "Home To Me" and playing
songs from the Album

Roland Cazimero - Playing some favorites and a few original works on
his trademark 12 string with musical accompaniment from Sean and his
band Na' io.

Kamuela Kahoano- Showcasing his broad musical talents and his latest
CD "Green Light Go".

Lei Medeiros- Emerging vocalist with smooth style and vocal range.

When: THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 2007

Where: The O Lounge http://www.theolounge.com $5.00 Cover at door. 21 and over.
A portion of proceeds will benefit the American Heart Association of Hawaii.
Location: 1349 Kapiolani Blvd (Between Pi'ikoi and Ke'eaumoku at the
old China House location)

Parking: Valet available for $5.00
Additional parking lot at 1390 Kapiolani $3.00 flat fee for event
parking (Just past The O Lounge heading Diamond Head, next to Kona
Iki St.)

Call 561-3749 or visit www.hometome.com to reserve tickets in advance.

Click here for map

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